Do you struggle with taking your dog on walks?


When guests come to your house, does your dog get too excited and jump on them?


Is your dog surfing for treats on the counter, or begging at the table?


Have you ever imagined a life where you don’t have to worry about your furry friend being an embarrassment?


You have come to the right place! We have seen and experienced what you are going through and know how frustrating it can be! We can help with any of these issues and more! We can help you get your life back and enjoy your dog again!


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“I never understood why training is so important before I met Heather at Project K9. She has a real gift, and a passion for what she does. She helped us learn how to look at training as more than sit, stay and come. Heather worked with the 10 month old pitbull we fostered, and because of the training we ALL received, we adopted that dog! I’ve watched Heather work with big dogs, little dogs, fearful and aggressive dogs. She is so patient and kind. Project K9 is an investment worth every penny!” -Karen Kast


Heather Hamilton, Project K9