Project K9 | Utah County Dog Obedience Training

Have a respectful relationship with your dog!

We want your dog to listen the FIRST time, and for you to trust them!

Puppy Problems?

Housetraining issues? Chewing up your shoes? Barking in the crate? We can help you solve all these problems and teach your dog to be a great companion!

We offer group classes for puppies, off leash training, and swimming!

Our group classes are a HIT! REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

We have learned from the best!

We have learned from some of the best trainers in the world, and will continue to expand our knowledge to help better serve you! We never stop learning!

Wouldn't it be great if your dog wasn't walking you?

We can help with leash pulling, hyperactivity on walks, or even reactivity when on a leash!

Our clients LOVE what we do! See why...

Even after one visit, you and your dog have learned more than most other trainers can offer. See why our clients love what we do!

Make your dog a DREAM DOG!

First of all, welcome to our page! If you've tried other places, or done your basic puppy training and it didn't work, there's a reason. We listen to your goals, and find a program that works! We get in deep and really fix the problems!

We focus on building a calm, meaningful relationship with your dog so when no matter what you say, they listen! Instead of having to ask them to 'Sit' ten times, they do it and WANT to do it for you!
We do not use force, fear, or pain as training tools. We use patience, proper leadership, respect, and body language. We have traveled across the country and spent lots of money and time learning about canine psychology and how to train them in the best way possible.
We are a dog training company who specialize in the ENTIRE dog. This includes nutrition, health, mindset, anatomy, and training. We focus on each individual section of a dog's life, and teach you how to perfect it.


We promise to always be honest with you.
We will teach you how to get the results you want from the dog you love!
We promise to do our very best with every single person and dog who comes to us for help.
We promise keep things safe, clean, and happy in our environment.
We love our own dogs, and we promise to love your dogs just the same.
We promise to work just as hard as you to make all your dreams and goals a reality.