Project K9 | Utah County Dog Obedience Training

Teach your dog to listen immediately!

We can help with teaching your dog how to respond the FIRST time you ask them to do something! Call us today!

Puppy Problems?

Housetraining issues? Chewing up your shoes? Barking in the crate? We can solve all these problems and teach your dog to be a great companion!

We offer group classes and workshops to help with pulling, jumping, barking, and more!

We offer many different workshops and help out at events to teach people how to control their dog in different situations, stop leash pulling entirely, and how to address many different behavioral issues.

We have learned from the best

We have learned from some of the best trainers in the world, and will continue to expand our knowledge to help better serve you!

Wouldn't it be great if your dog wasn't walking you?

We can address leash pulling, hyperactivity on walks, or even reactivity when on a leash! Find out about our free pack walks!

Our clients LOVE what we do! See why...

Even after one visit, you and your dog have learned more than most other trainers can offer. See why our clients love what we do!

Welcome to Project K9!

We are located in Highland, UT and serve all of Utah County.
Contact us at (801) 980-0336!
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Pack walks!

Join us every week for a great FREE socialization opportunity for you and your dog! These pack walks are supervised by trainers, and gives you a chance to socialize in a real world environment. We'll see you there!

What is Project K9?

We are a dog training company who specialize in the ENTIRE dog. This includes nutrition, health, general mindset, anatomy, and training. We focus on each individual section of a dog's life, and teach you how to perfect it. We have learned from the best, and want to teach you how to help your dog be part of the family.

We have YOUR goals in mind, and want to see success as much as you do! When you buy training from us, you are signing up for a lifetime of support, training advice, and hiring us on as part of your training team for LIFE. All our training methods are respectful, fun, and easy for you to continue at home!

What makes us special?

-We can CUSTOMIZE your plan to help it fit what you want! Any dog, any problem, any budget! We want to help you meet your goals with your dog.
-We can help with ANYTHING and teach your dog to listen on the first command, EVERY time!
-We specialize in difficult dogs. Have a rude, aggressive, shy or fearful dog? Or have a dog with anxiety? We can handle it, and help you manage your dog better!
-This is what we do, 24/7, 365 days a year. We are full time, and dogs are our life.
-We work fast! Usually after one session, you are already seeing results!
-We don't have beginner, intermediate or advanced training. We have one program to get the results YOU WANT. No more upgrading and spending more and more money down the road.
-We know how dogs THINK, so we can teach them how to be behave, rather than teaching blind obedience.
-Want to learn more about us? Click here to learn more about our company!


We vow to create a respectful, loving environment for training. We will teach clients and dogs the skills to have a healthy relationship, and to have the life they always wanted with their dog.

Call us today to schedule your first appointment. We want to help your dog be part of the family again. (801) 980-0336.