Project K9 was originally created in 2012 by Heather Hamilton. We are located in Highland, UT and serve the Utah and Salt Lake county area. Our mission here at Project K9 is to help families build healthy and happy relationships with their family dog. We believe that every dog is an individual and learning what works best for each dog is what is most important. We are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment for you and your dog. We promise to always be honest with you and love your dog as if they were our own!

About Heather Hamilton

Dog-Training-Adoptions-Puppy-Boarding-School-Group-Utah-County-HIghland-Alpine-Lehi-Draper-Sandy-Provo-Herriman-Eagle-Mountain-Saratoga-Springs-Utah-Project-K9-Heather-Rose-HamiltonIn 2010, I found myself frustrated and at the end of my rope with my own unruly large dog. Determined to change things before they got worse, I found help from trainers who specialized in behavior. I learned so much and was thrilled with the results! After a while, I knew I wanted a career in dog behavior and training. I started learning from everyone and everywhere I could. I opened Project K9 in 2012, and now I follow my passion with helping people and dogs live peacefully together. I am constantly learning more from new books, classes, and conferences every year.



Heather’s Pack

Dante, Vitis, Jane, and Jinx all play an important role at Project K9. Each of them bring a special temperament to the pack to help other dogs learn and grow from their good example.

Vitis - Project K9 Dog Training Highland Utah

Vitis loves hanging out in the daycare with all his furry friends! He has a high drive, and loves to work, so we use him for fast-paced teaching activities. He is playful, so helping puppies learn social skills is his specialty!

Jinx - Project K9 Dog Training Highland Utah

Jinx is our “mother” of the pack! She has a very calm personality, so she helps dogs feel at home very quickly. She also works with anxious dogs by helping them gain confidence. She is a great teacher for our puppies, as she will “correct” when they are getting a little too rowdy.

Dante - Project K9 Dog Training Highland Utah

Dante is a giant goofball, and loves puppies! His favorite activities include playing fetch, cuddling with mom, and playing with other dogs! Dante loves playing any kind of game, and always has a good attitude about anything new.

Jane - Project K9 Dog Training Highland Utah

Jane is the newest member of the Project K9 family, but she fit in almost immediately! She is full of spunk and energy! Jane helps us with our smaller trainees with anything from confidence building to socialization.





2013: Certified from Martin Deeley’s International School of Dog Trainers.
2013: Certified Associate member of the IACP.
2012-2017: Continually studying under the supervision of Heather Beck from K9 Lifeline during multiple workshops and seminars relating to canine psychology, running a safe daycare, canine behavior, and how to understand and help dogs with difficult problems. *NOTE: Also attended 7 Difficult Dog workshops, as well as a Difficult Daycare Dog workshop in the following years.
(Also learned from Ty Brown, Tyler Muto, Marc Goldberg, and Jason Vasconi during these workshops)
2014: Graduated Marc Goldberg‘s ForceFree workshop (E-Collar aka “E-Touch”)
2014: Training Cesar’s Way Fundamentals I, taught exclusively by Cesar Millan himself.
2015: Studied Canine Theriogenology from UC Davis Veterinary Medicine through Coursera
2016: Visited the Monks of New Skete monastery in New York, and learned directly from the Monks themselves, the writers of “The Art of Raising a Puppy” and “How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend“.
2017: Attended Duke University’s Canine Cognition & Emotion course and studied under Brian Hare
2017: Achieved a certificate from The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies under the University of Edinburgh’s Animal Welfare and Law course through Coursera
2017: Wendy Volhard’s Healthy Dog Conference
2017: Young Living Essential Oils on Animals Conference
2017: IACP Conference

Additional Credentials

-Studied canine psychology and behavior
-Pack psychology
-Puppy whelping and training before 8 weeks and puppy development
-Canine Anatomy and Nutrition
-Canine Theriogenology
-Obedience Training
-Canine Cognition (aka “Dognition”) and Emotion
-Canine Evolution
-Animal Welfare and Law

Heather’s Teachers

Cesar Millan from The Dog Whisperer and Cesar 911
Heather Beck from K9 Lifeline
Jason Vasconi from Transform My Dog in Texas
Marc Goldberg from The Chicago Dog Trainer, also the co-author of ‘Let Dogs Be Dogs’
Monks of New Skete in Cambridge, NY (Authors of ‘The Art of Raising a Puppy’ and ‘How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend’, and ‘Let Dogs Be Dogs’)
Gary Cassera from Balanced Dogs
–Sirius Dog Trainer Academy by Ian Dunbar
Mike Ritland, author of “Team Dog: Training Dogs the Navy Seal Way”, and “Navy SEAL dogs”
Dick Russell’s DVDs (recently deceased) and Larry Benoit (partner)

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