Napoleon (RIP 2004-2016)

Utah Dog Training Project K9 Heather Rose Puppy Training

Born May 5, 2005. Energetic yellow lab.  I use Napoleon has my demo dog. He is great at obedience, teaching clients proper techniques, demonstrating new methods or techniques, leash work and teaching children how to behave around animals. He is Heather’s first dog, and he has taught her so much. When she first adopted Napoleon, he was out of control, super hyper, food crazy, and pulled her down the street when she tried to walk him. Now, he is her most stable dog, and usually doesn’t need any tools to do his job. He loves food, chewing on raw bones, being with his mom, sleeping, and getting attention. My best friend and loyal sidekick. You are deeply, deeply missed.



Mamma (RIP 2007-2015)

Utah Dog Training Project K9 Heather Rose Puppy Training I was contacted by a local rescue about an 8 year old pitbull who had just a couple hours left before she was euthanized for lack of space at the shelter. I had the resources, the finances, and the space to help this dog. So, I decided to foster her. After a couple days, I realized she would be harder to place because of all her health issues. She became a permanent member of the family, and I showed her how to be loved and cared for. I showed her how to be a dog. I only had her for a short period of time, but in that time, she learned to live. She was also a great teacher for puppies and hyperactive dogs. She taught discipline and controlled energy. She loved to play tug, and loved going to the park. Rest in peace, sweetie.




Jed (RIP 2000-2016)

Utah Dog Training Project K9 Heather Rose Puppy TrainingI adopted Jed officially on Christmas 2015. I pulled him from the Tooele shelter in July, 2015. We knew going into this one he didn’t have a ton of time anymore. He was 15 when we adopted him. I had this amazing kid for 5 amazing months. He was originally labeled as dog aggressive, especially with little dogs. He did have some problems with other dogs, but mainly he was just grumpy and didn’t have the structure to succeed. After just a few days with us, he learned how to ‘say no’ appropriately with other dogs and started doing much better. I used him a lot after he was rehabilitated for one-on-one introductions, pack walks, demos with clients on how to handle dogs, and overall, just a ‘shop dog’ because he was super chill, and loved people. He eventually got to the point where he was awesome with other dogs as well.


Marshall (RIP 2012-2016)

Utah Dog Training Project K9 Heather Rose Puppy Training We think he was born around 2012. His strengths/job in my pack is to increase confidence in shy or nervous dogs, as well as create balance with very controlled corrections. He has a very playful energy, but can also administer a harsh correction when needed, so this is very helpful for puppies, or dogs who need to learn to play appropriately. Marshall loves playing with other dogs, cuddling, chewing on bones, running on the treadmill, playing with toys, and sun bathing.

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