We are very passionate about what we do, especially when it comes down to the well-being and health of your dog. We have studied many different modalities and we see how much it can help your dog!


  • Nutrition, Homeopathy, and Holistic HealthDog-Training-Trainer-Obedience-Perfect-Dog-Manners-Behavioral-Modification-Alpine-Highland-Lehi-American-Fork-Thanksgiving-Point-Draper-Sandy-Provo-Orem-Project-K9

We offer well-being consults that focus on nutrition and natural care of helping your animals with all kinds of ailments. We will help you understand how nutrition can improve the quality of life and well-being of your dog. We will discuss homeopathic remedies and options of some specialized professionals that may be able to do more than we can in the case that a medical treatment plan is necessary.


  • Cold Laser Therapycold-laser-therapy-veterinarian-chiropractor-low-light-level-healing-holistic-dog-training-project-k9

Cold laser therapy is a new cutting-edge technology that is used in both human and dog medicine for accelerated healing of soft tissues, pain, inflammation, and even anxiety! The light that penetrates the soft tissue is converted by the cells into usable energy, resulting in accelerated healing! This is a non-invasive way to help the body heal naturally! We have added more information on this service here!


  • Essential Oils for AnimalsDog-Training-Trainer-Puppy-Group-Utah-County-HIghland-Alpine-Lehi-Draper-Sandy-Provo-Herriman-Eagle-Mountain-Saratoga-Springs-Utah-Project-K9-Young-Living-Essential-Oils-Heather-Rose-Hamilton

We have learned from many professionals on how essential oils can be used in the emotional, physical, and spiritual healing of people and animals. We have used oils on the dogs in our care for many years and have seen miraculous changes in their behavior and health. We are more than happy to educate you on how you can use oils to help your family and your pets as well.



  • Breeding & Puppy Temperament Tests

Utah-County-Puppy-Temperament-Breeding-Testing-Dog-Training-Project-K9Are you a breeder or fostering a litter of puppies? We have worked with many different breeders, shelters, and several rescues in the care and training of young puppies. We can help you from the very beginning! We can help you decide if breeding your dog is the best choice, delivery, and even training with the new puppies!

Many people don’t know that puppies can begin learning shortly after they are born. Puppies who receive different types of stimulus and training can be set up to succeed from the very beginning and have a wonderful, more enriching life with their new families.

*Puppy Temperament Tests (only offered within a 20 mile radius)

*Contact us for pricing.

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