Linsay & Costis

costisHeather, with Project K9, has helped my Australian Shepherd/Lab a lot in the short time he’s been training with her.  My dog went through basic training through another facility, but his separation anxiety, disrespectful behavior, bossy attitude, and over excitement didn’t exhibit in that first training.  I came to Project K9 desperate for relief from the stress of him bullying my other dog, trying to rule the house, and not following instructions the first time.  It’s been a few weeks now, and he’s turned into a whole new dog!  Through a few small changes made on how I handle him–a different training collar, using my body to keep him on place instead of my voice, not letting him sleep in my bed at night–has changed him.  His relationship with my other dog is better–they play now instead of fight or avoid each other, he is more relaxed in his kennel, he’s stopped barking at me to get me to do what he wants me to do, and he goes on place when I ask him to the first time.  The atmosphere in our house has also gotten better since I am less stressed about his behavior.  I know we still have work to do to keep him behaving, but I can’t thank Project K9 enough–they saved our little family.


Jasmine & Krystal


Heather is truly amazing. I came to her because my dog was attacked about 3 times in her first year of life. Her confidence around dogs was awful and she was constantly making herself a target to other dogs and getting attacked again and again. It broke my heart and I was so sad I couldn’t help her. She was also VERY over-excitable and just didn’t know how to control herself. (She had no “off” button). I contacted Heather, and she was the only one who truly cared about my situation with my dog. I had talked to many trainers before Heather, and the second I said I didn’t want to spend a few thousand dollars, they literally stopped caring and ended our conversation.

Heather took the time to hear my story and could see how badly I wanted to help my dog. I actually ended up doing the 4 week boarding school program because she did an evaluation and decided this would really be the best option for Krystal. I went into this not wanting to spend a lot of money, but after getting to know Heather, seeing her reviews, and attending her pack walks, I decided to do whatever I had to do to. Thankfully, she had a payment plan option, so that was the only way I was able to do the program. I am so happy I did and it’s honestly worth every penny!

When I picked Krystal up, I honestly had no idea how Heather transformed my dog the way she did. She went from being whiny, scared, crazy, and uncontrollable to a very attentive, peaceful, and confident dog. I kept saying “Who’s dog is this?” I couldn’t believe she was the same dog because everything about her had changed! It was so amazing!

I would HIGHLY recommend Heather to anyone who is lost and wants to fix the relationship with their dog. Heather sincerely cares about you AND your dog, she is ALWAYS there when I need her and I can’t believe she runs this whole program by herself. She is not only an amazing human being, but an incredible dog trainer. The relationship you will have with your dog after this program is on an incredibly deep level. I never thought a relationship with a dog could be like this and it is truly the greatest feeling! I learned how therapeutic having a dog can be by being a pack leader, being her rock, and her example. My dog is SO MUCH HAPPIER and I am too!! I have control and a great relationship with my best furry friend now!


Megan & Recco

Utah Dog Training German Shepherds Boarding School for Dogs Project K9 Heather Rose Testimonials

I found Project K9 by checking out a pack walk awhile back and I’m so glad I did! I was having a really hard time controlling my big dog and Heather spent a lot of time talking with me and patiently helping me. I knew we had a lot of issues to work through and finally decided to go with her 4 week board and train program. It was exactly the reset button I needed for my dog! He has finally learned to manage his excitability and remain in a calm state of mind, and we can actually enjoy him again in our home. He is walking nicely on a leash, not pulling us down the sidewalk, and doesn’t bust through the house knocking everything over in his path. He also used to have a very difficult time with people stopping by the house and he would have to be locked in a crate the whole time we had visitors but he would be barking the whole time. It was so embarrassing and stressful for us all, and a real problem. Since he’s been back with us, I’m amazed at how well he handles visitors – even workers with noisy equipment – and stays nicely in his designated place, with no barking, and no pushing into people’s space begging for attention. It is so nice to feel like he is not only a lot better behaved but also much happier too, being able to stay calm and peaceful. I love Heather’s approach of bringing into balance all aspects of the dog’s life, and I’m confident he was very well taken care of during his time with her. I also know that if I have questions or concerns I can contact her anytime! Project K9 was a lifesaver!


Beth & her fur family

Utah Dog Training Project K9 heather Rose Hamilton Testimonials

Heather is absolutely wonderful. We didn’t find out about her in time enough to start with actual training so we only attended the pack walks prior to moving across the country and the tools and information she provided us made a huge difference in the way our dogs acted in public. Now, my lab, who bit poor Heather the first time he met her, can be walked by my 7 year old daughter without hassle and shes not flapping in the wind like a cartoon character after him. He still has a long way to go, but without Heather, we never would have made it this far. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much you have helped and changed our lives and the lives of our fur-babies who are now much happier.


Emily and Tillie


Heather is more than a dog trainer, she is a “mother” to all the dogs that come through her home. No matter how long she has them, she treats them like one of her own pack. I know this to be true because my husband and I sent our misbehaved little pup to her and within two weeks, Tillie had not only grown, but she was now a well behaved, eager to please little puppy! We are so grateful that we decided to enroll her in the Puppy Boarding School. Heather also keeps all her pet parents aware of the progress of their dogs.

Hands down, Project K9 is the best school to send your beloved friend to! She will take care of him/her just like you would. She adds in all the dirty work of training and potty training, but never sacrifices good quality care!

Thank you for EVERYTHING that you have done for my family and our little Tillie!


Shannon & Junebug

Utah Dog Boarding School Dog Training Project K9

I turned to Heather for help with my nearly 3 year old boxer, Junebug, who has issues with dog aggression and anxiety. I was fairly new to Utah (Just moved here about 8 months ago), so I wasn’t sure who to contact, or if I could trust them. After searching the internet, I found a few trainers who I wanted to talk to about Junebug and how to help her. After talking to Heather on the phone, I decided to set up an evaluation for June. Heather was a very good listener, and eager to help my little fur baby. After the eval, we decided to do a 1 month board and train for June (Jan-Feb 2014) to work on her behavior. As you can imagine, it’s hard to give your dog over to someone else for even a short period of time! Heather made me feel really good through the whole process. She was always there to answer questions, and give me updates on June’s progress. June also experienced (and is still experiencing) some health issues that were unrelated to her dog aggression while in Heather’s care, and she was great at taking care of her in my absence! I am more than pleased with how June is behaving at home now, but even more grateful for the knowledge Heather gave me about dog behavior in general. I have learned so much from her in the past few months, and I know she will always be there for me to ask questions in the future. Thanks for all your help Heather!


Karen & Aspen

Utah County Dog Training Heather Hamilton Project K9 Obedience Training Testimonial

We took in a 10 month old Pit bull as a foster. I called Heather as I was concerned about having a new dog in my home, and we also had an 8 year old chocolate lab that was selectively aggressive. Aspen was very high energy, but it quickly became clear that she was ready to learn. Heather came to the house for training, and I was very impressed with her leadership style. Over 5 lessons she covered the basics of sit, stay, down, place, distance sit/stay and distractions during sit/stay, and leash work with a haltie. The humans got as much training as Aspen did! She is still high energy, but now it is controlled and we know how to manage it. She is now off leash 50% of the time in the house! I am happy to say our foster dog is now an obedient, polite and respectful Pit Bull, and such a sweetie that we adopted her!!! Heather also evaluated my “aggressive” lab, and helped me to see that her behavior was due to pain in her hips and leg. Because of her insights, we have been able to get her the help she needs. Thank you Heather!!!


Lynnette & Griffin

Utah County Dog Training Heather Hamilton Project K9 Testimonial

Thank you Project K9 for helping us figure out how to manage life with a giant dog! Our puppy had bad manners, and wasn’t house training quickly or easily. Our trainer was a life saver! She was professional and on time for each appointment and not only worked on correcting behaviors with our puppy, but taught us the things we needed to do differently to get the results we wanted.



The Kelly family & Beau

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

Heather has helped us so much with our rescue pup, Beau! She helped us recognize and correct early signs of food aggression, potty training, crate training, behavioral issues, proper correction methods and leash work. Beau also has a sensitive stomach and Heather has taught us how to give him the proper nutrition. We have had such a positive experience and are so happy that she has given us the confidence to raise a happy and healthy dog. Thanks Project K9!!!



The Cruz family & Rex

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

My wife and I grew up with animals our entire lives and recently lost the dog that we rescued after 8 years. After tons of looking around at shelters we decided to look for a breed specific dog and decided on a boxer. After a few months we realized that we must have been lucky with our other animals because our little Rex was becoming more than a handful especially with challenging my wife and puppy mouthing around our son. Heather was able to quickly assess Rex and gave us the training tools we needed to help him become a part of our family. After the first training session, my wife learned how to become a better pack leader and Rex was quickly learning to respect her role. I learned how to be more patient and how to properly train our new puppy. And best of all, even our 5yr old son was able to teach him how to behave and listen. Thanks for all your help and everything you’ve shown us!!!


The Malone family & Oakley

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

Heather’s skills have been an amazing asset for our family. When we brought Oakley home it was similar to adopting a furry bi-polar toddler. She was constantly biting, digging, resource guarding, and disobeying us at every turn. It got to the point where were wanted to quit because having her in our home was not enjoyable and we were always frustrated. I finally made the call to Project K9 and begged Heather to teach me how to handle things. After the first session, we finally started to understand our puppy and began to create the structured lifestyle that we all needed. After we completed puppy training, we had a completely different dog. Heather’s methods are so simple but extremely effective when put to use. She has changed our lives DRASTICALLY! Oakley is now considered a part of the family and, even on her “bad” days, she is controllable and lovable. We couldn’t ask for a better trainer, and are exited to continue working with Project K-9.


Angie & Bonnie

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

Heather is enthusiastic and truly cares about you and your pet. Her programs are specifically tailored for you and your dog. There is no one size fits all. She focuses on what your pet needs and she’s there to support you through the whole process. Her focus on holistic techniques and positive training techniques really attracted us. I couldn’t be happier with the improvement we’re seeing.

My dog is a very high energy Beagle and has been a handful since she was brought home. With Heather’s guidance, we are teaching her independence, proper leash skills, respect for personal space and property. She comes right to my home and works with the dog in their own environment. When a technique isn’t eliciting the desired response, she adapts the program to the dog’s personality and needs. She introduced gentle correction techniques using the Halti leash and a penny can that have made a huge difference. Many of the most effective training assignments she’s given us are fun and easy to do. She also holds pack walks occasionally to help the dog socialize with other animals and learn to walk on the leash. She also educated us on proper nutrition and care for our pup to ensure she’s healthy and happy.

Heather cares and is very personable, she’s fun and energetic. If you want a trainer that “gets it”, this is the trainer for you.


The King Family & Mowgli

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

Heather came and helped out with the dog that we were fostering at the time. A pit bull mix that had some major obedience issues and high anxiety. She helped with his excessive barking, with his aggression when people came to the door, and much more. Because of Heather’s helpful training tips and obedience training with Mowgli, we have now adopted him and he has become a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks Heather!!




Alicia & Max & Jake

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

We met Heather with Project K9 at Home Depot. I was impressed by the good behavior of the dogs that she was walking around the store. We began talking with her, and immediately decided she was just what we needed to help our 6 month old Mastiff (Max) with his “rude” behavior and “Me First” attitude, before he got any larger and more out of control. I had already researched other trainers, and her fees were MUCH more reasonable than most. At the first consultation, she explained everything in detail, including what she charges and why (I like the openness) and I knew right away she would be a good fit. She put together a customized plan just for Max. After just 5 sessions, we saw a HUGE improvement with his behavior, and much more control over his actions. She worked with us, not only on behavior, but proper nutrition for ALL of our animals, as well as equipment and how to use it properly-no wonder he wasn’t responding, we were doing it all wrong!

Heather has been amazing to work with, and a wealth of information. I would recommend her (and have) to anyone looking for help with their dogs behavior, or just teaching them new things. Thanks Heather! We are looking forward to the next round of advanced training with you!


Jackie & Peaches

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

After adopting our pound puppy, Peaches, we didn’t know what we were getting into. She’s a 4-6 year old cockapoo, and was given up because of separation anxiety. We knew we would need training but unsure how to go about it. I found Pawsitive Dog Training on Facebook and easily scheduled our free consultation. We needed to work on barking at the door, rushing out the door, growling and snarling when being crated at night, and some basic leadership training for me. Heather was very easy going and helpful in her observations. We came up with a plan for these few issues. And after just a few weeks, we had the tools needed to have the balanced dog we want. Most issues take longer than what can be accomplished in a few training sessions like on TV, but with Heather, I  know we’ll be able to keep in contact and I can get help as we learn to be good dog owners and help Peaches be the dog we want her to be. Heather was also able to guide us to a diet that will be most beneficial to keeping Peaches healthy and not break the bank. She recommended supplements and vitamins to keep Peaches away from the vet and also to get us on the way to a fit and trim doggy. Thanks Heather!


Lacey & Mia & Cutie Pie

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

Heather is amazing! My doggie liked being the pack leader and wouldn’t listen to me! She would run out of the door all the time and get out! I resorted to a shock collar until Heather showed me a better way. She is learning quickly to listen to me and has boundaries around the door that she knows she can’t cross. We are still a work in progress…but we will be a success story!! My husband even stated that Heather trained ME well (so I could train the dog! hahaha!). That’s the best part, gaining the tools to be a better owner so I have a happier more peaceful pet. Thanks Heather!!


Robynn & Scout

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

When we decided to get a puppy we knew it was going to be a lot of work…what we didn’t plan on was our ‘puppy’ growing to a healthy 85 pounds in her first year! We were pretty stumped on how to control our gentle giant when her puppy energy kicked in, especially with our kids around. We hired Heather to help with puppy obedience and some general behavioral issues. Our Scout went from out of control to responsive so fast and really took to the training. Heather was great to work with and gave us a road map to success for training our pup. Now we are able to cope with her energy and have a functioning, well-adjusted doggy in our house. We still have some things to work on, but Heather has given us a great foundation to work with and our dog LOVES her.


Heninger Family & Ryder & Fabio

Project K9 Heather Hamilton Testimonials

We initially called Heather Hamilton to help us train our Japanese Chin and correct some bad behavior problems. A week later, we adopted a 2 year old Merle Great Dane that had been neglected, starved and probably abused. He came to us with a complete lack of manners which included jumping, barking, sitting on furniture, grabbing food, and lunging towards strangers. Heather quickly identified the problems and set up a plan, which gave me hope that we could turn our unruly pet into a part of our family. I was able to call her with questions in between our appointments and she gave me valuable tips on how to correct his behavior. After our very first appointment, I noticed a remarkable change in his behavior. With just a few minor adjustments, he became more calm and more eager to follow commands. I quickly learned that he was a very smart dog that just needed a set of rules. I am very grateful for Heather and her willingness to work with us. She has made our home a much better place and has helped our dogs become more loving and eager to please. Heather has become not only our dog trainer, but also a friend. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.

Sincerely, Heninger Family, Fabio and Rider


Easterly family & Bella & Bentley

Project K9 Heather Hamilton TestimonialsFor many years we have had a Boxer/Golden Retriever mix [Bella]. Generally she has been well behaved but is known to get very excited. Then this year we added a Mini Dachshund [Bentley] to our family. In doing this some of the basic good behaviors our older dog had started to fade as she realized the puppy wasn’t behaving the way she was expected to.  I have had Heather come into my home since October, and in this short amount of time she has helped me restore the correct behaviors with not only my older dog but the puppy as well. Heather listens to your needs and helps you address them at a rate that works for you and your family as well as your animals. If your pet doesn’t respond to one way of training she will look for other ways to make sure you are successful. I would suggest Heather to anyone I know for training and have loved having her help make my pets better behaved as they are a part of the family and I want them to be around everyone when they come over.

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