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Interested in some of our other packages?

Puppy Kindergarten – This program is designed to set you up with the basics to get you started with your new puppy! This program is $300, and includes 2 visits with us, which is about 5 hours of private training!

E-Touch Training – This program is $675 for 5 sessions on how to use the E-Collar to achieve off leash reliability. This tool is included in the package so you don’t have to worry about finding the right brand. We will teach your dog to respond to the lowest levels on this incredibly gentle tool and teach you how to properly use it. We will go over basic obedience, leash work, and teach fun games! This program is one of our clients’ favorites!

Obedience School – This program is to teach you how to work on obedience commands with your pup. We do obedience differently here, and teach your dog to think, instead of just focusing on blindly obeying your commands. We combine behavior and commands to create a well mannered dog who listens the first time! In just a few sessions, your dog will be on the right track and you will have all the tools necessary to continue on your own!

Doggie Boarding School – This is the best program we offer. $2,295, 2-3 week program where your dog learns manners, how to walk on a treadmill, off-leash reliability, basic obedience, crate training, potty training, and we will also address any behavioral problems your dog may have. This program comes with all equipment, and you get unlimited private sessions afterwards!

Residency Program – This program is a short version of the Boarding School. For $1,295 and 7 days, we set your pup up to succeed. Minor behavioral problems, basic obedience, manners and leadership, as well as treadmill training, crate training and potty training are all addressed in this program. What a great day to start off on the right foot!

Short and Sweet Program– This program is designed to start the training process and build a solid foundation where you can continue at home. We do the hard part, and you do all the homework. $500, 4 day program where we build a solid foundation of training for you to continue at home.

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