Ah, that’s the life! Just hanging out with your well behaved dog at the park. Imagine having a family dinner without your dog begging underneath the table. Those nice, long walks without your dog pulling you down the street. Yes, that can be you!

All of our programs have been carefully designed to help eliminate problem behaviors and give you the life you always wanted with your dog! The best part is it works, and you’ll notice a difference after our first meeting! You won’t feel like you are just wasting your money on dog training because you will see results after just one session.


Our adult programs are specifically designed for dogs who have developed bad habits like jumping, barking, counter surfing, pulling on the leash, not coming back when called, or not listening to commands.These programs have been specially developed for families who want to take charge of their dog’s training.


Oh no! Your puppy just chewed up another pair of shoes! Sound familiar? These programs are designed for the family who want to take an active role in their puppy’s training.


Want to get involved in the dog community? These group classes are amazing! Other people just like you who need help with training their dogs! Fun games, socialization, and structured activities make these classes a blast!


How nice would it be for your dog to sent to school, and come back with the training already in place? We’ll work on leash work, manners, social skills, obedience, and work on those behavioral problems. We’ll do the hard part for you!

*Since all our programs are customizable to fit your needs, contact us for pricing and details!

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