Walking Workshop Group Class – Designed specially for you!

2 sessions
$200/person+single dog combo (Add $50 for each additional dog)
$10 non-refundable deposit due 2 weeks before class starts

This specialized, unique class is one of a kind. We built this class for dogs who like to walk their owners! One of the most important parts of a dog’s life is movement. This includes playing fetch, taking walks, exploring new areas, hiking, running, swimming, playing with toys, playing games or sports, etc. We want to help you master the walk. Over the course of just a few weeks, we will teach you everything you need to know on how to walk your dog on a leash ANYWHERE.
Have multiple dogs? Great! We will teach you how to walk them all together. Pack walks with multiple dogs is so rewarding. You will feel empowered to walk your whole pack, while your dogs feel safe and happy, while walking nicely on a leash.

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The benefits of this class are monumental, and will set you up to succeed in all other areas!

-Socialization with other dogs in class
-Your fearful, nervous or anxious dog will start to build confidence
-Your over-confident, pushy dog will start to learn boundaries and respect
-We will teach you how to handle unexpected situations
-We will discuss all types of different training equipment
-We will discuss how to become a good pack leader and how to apply these principles anywhere
-How to guide your dog into making good decisions (via proper use and timing of praise and corrections)
-We will answer any questions you have, and will make sure everyone is understanding all the techniques
-This is a safe environment, so help each other out if you notice someone is struggling – we are all a team here. It is not a competition.

**With any boarding, training, or boarding school services we offer, please fill out our Services agreement.**

**All our training is gentle, and based on a mutually respectful relationship.  

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